Personalized Clinical Trial Support During COVID-19

Veronica S.

Veronica S.

Global Study Manager

The COVID-19 pandemic created a “new normal” for clinical trial operations. The changes left many in the life sciences industry scrambling. However, Clincierge’s dedication to their patient-centric mission provided safety, stability, and continuity for patients and sponsors during an unprecedented time.

At the start of each study, Clincierge conducts a comprehensive review of available services to provide customized solutions to sponsors, CROs, and clinical sites. Clincierge’s personalized support strategies enhance recruitment, improve retention, and eliminate barriers to trial participation to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

As cities and businesses began to close their doors, clinical sites shifted their operations, adapting quickly to the global impacts of COVID-19. Some site staff became COVID-19 support staff, while entire institutions restructured to include “COVID-19 floors.” Other site staff shared the burden of additional responsibilities and barriers to support their patients.

Teams assembled to minimize patient risk and disruption to study protocols. To mitigate these risks, Clincierge’s team remained connected to sites, patients, and caregivers. Clincierge dispersed real-time updates on travel restrictions, patient concerns, and additional safety precautions.

Inconsistent patient support and increased logistical challenges troubled the clinical trial community during this uncertain time. Countries around the globe began to implement travel constraints and limited access to their borders. Hotels and restaurants began to close, and commercial transportation modes such as air and rail yielded higher risk.

Clincierge Coordinators assisted in travel and logistics support for each patient to meet their diverse travel needs. Clincierge Coordinators delivered the “Clincierge Touch” — a high-quality, personalized patient experience via live updates and enhanced services.

New and innovative support methods included optimized patient travel itineraries, extended ground transportation, IP and medical device shipping, patient relocation services, and chartered flights.

  • Optimized patient travel itineraries

  • Extended ground transportation

  • IP and medical device shipment

  • Patient relocation services

  • Chartered flights

The additional services resulted in increased patient safety, continued study recruitment and enrollment, improved retention rates, reduced study timeline interruptions, and ensured vital data collection. Clincierge’s 26 years of travel and logistics expertise served as a resource for clients during this critical time, providing strategic guidance and logistical support while delivering a personalized patient experience in over 40 countries.


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