Focus on Getting Well

Your Patient Travel Coordinator Will Handle the Rest

Need assistance contacting your Clincierge Coordinator?

Every Aspect of Patient and Caregiver Travel is Covered

All travel and accommodations are pre-paid, so you can focus on wellness instead of travel planning and overwhelming expenses.

Travel Logistics

Air travel
Car service
Rail service
Hotel accommodations
Patient reimbursement
Stipend processing
Air and road ambulance
Relocation support
Long-term housing

COVID-19 Services

Transfer site personnel to patient
Convert flights to ground transportation
Rental car reimbursement
Relocate patient close to site
Chartered flights
IP/Specimen/Sample shipments

Patient Support

A single point of contact
Streamlined communication
In-country, native speakers
Supports both patient and caregivers
Cognitive disability support
Mobility disorder support

Global Services

Translation & interpreter services
Telephonic interpretation
Passport application and assistance
Visa application assistance

Olesia, Clincierge Coordinator

A Single, Dedicated Coordinator, Who is Supportive and Reliable

You will work with a coordinator in your country and time zone who speaks your language, and understands your cultural nuances. You’ll work with the same coordinator throughout the study, so they’ll have a deep understanding of your unique situation and diverse travel needs.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all professional help you have given us. Your help spared us the need to deal with many financial and daily life issues involved in getting into clinical trial of a very promising medicine for our child. Our coordinator deserves a special thanks for being in touch with us 24 hours a day, listening to our needs and providing timely help. She is an outstanding specialist: disciplined, organized, honest and trustworthy. Again, big thanks to our coordinator and the whole team of Clincierge in our mission to get the right medicine for our son, and be able to witness some outstanding results in his treatment.”

Caregiver in a 2019 clinical trial