Reduce Study Costs with Patient Travel Management

Easier recruitment, streamlined processes, and higher retention rates.

Studies Completed On-Time and On-Budget with Satisfied Patients

See all the ways Clincierge can help you improve the clinical trial patient experience.

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Support More Patients

Support for pediatric
patients & caregivers

Support for cognitive & physical disabilities

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Get Patients Enrolled Faster

Many patients are less anxious about committing to a study when they know they have travel support and expense management. Get a faster and firmer commitment from them when you offer personalized travel support, logistics planning, and expense management.

Clincierge Coordinator works with Sites

Reduce Study Costs

Reduce your study’s overall cost with personalized support services to enhance your recruitment strategy, assisted by your Clincierge travel coordinator.

With personalized and pre-paid travel arrangements, it’s easier for potential patients to attend visits. Clincierge travel coordinators know how to make traveling with cognitive or physical disabilities easier.

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Reduce the Cost of Drop Outs

Patients stay in studies when travel and accommodations are arranged and tailored for them. With a single, dedicated Clincierge coordinator, they feel supported during a difficult time.

Fast and streamlined payment processes reduce financial barriers and keep patients in your study.

Reduce the Cost of Missed Appointments

Patients miss far fewer appointments when specialized travel is pre-arranged and pre-paid. Reduce re-scheduling costs and let your Clincierge coordinator manage all the details.

Reduce stress and hassle on the patients by providing personalized transportation so they can focus on what really matters, their health and well-being.

Streamline Patient Reimbursements

Reduce the administrative burden on your staff and get patients repaid faster.

Using our Clincierge Pay Portal is easy for patients and let’s site staff focus on the trial, instead of getting bogged down in admin work. Let us process receipts and forms so your clinical site staff and medical teams can focus on providing treatment for the patient.

Ensure patients are paid quickly, relieving any financial burden to joining and staying in your clinical trial.

Support for Both Patients and Staff

Get experienced support for both the team and your patients whenever it’s needed. Your dedicated Global Study Managers and Clincierge Coordinators are Good Clinical Practice certified and maintain Project Management Professional certifications to ensure the highest standard of support.

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