Higher Retention in Your Clinical Trials with Patient Logistics Management

Attract and retain more patients with local travel coordinators, pre-paid arrangements, and personalized concierge services.

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Retain and Support Patients with Clincierge's Services

With fully managed travel from any country, logistics, and a personal touch, it is easy for patients to join and remain in trials.

Clincierge coordinators are assigned to the patient for the life of the study. They are local to the patient, speak their native language, and are in the same time-zone. They build a personal relationship with the patient and understand the nuances of their travel.

To our vendor team:

We are honored and privileged to share the amazing news today that our drug has officially been approved by the FDA. For some many years we have worked together to reach this incredible milestone. Without your guidance and partnership we could never have accomplished this! Thank you for your hard work, patience, and dedication. For the endless hours, days and years spent for all of us to see this day, we are truly thankful.”

Sponsor of a 2020 Clinical Trial

Your Clincierge Coordinators Work with Patients and Caregivers to Provide One-on-One Travel Support

Clincierge travel coordinator patient support logistics

Meet Maru, a Clincierge Coordinator

A Single Point of Contact for Patient Outreach

Your coordinators provide continuous support, are based in the same country as the patient, and stay with the patient for the lifetime of the study. Patients feel supported and secure with a contact they know and trust.

Patient Travel is Customized and Personally Arranged

From air, rail, and ground transportation to hotel and long-term housing accommodations, your Clincierge coordinators work one-on-one to ensure travel is comfortable.

We anticipate and arrange special accommodations for complex studies with diverse patient populations such as pediatric patients and patients with mobility or cognitive disabilities, and their travel companions.

International Travel, Effortless for You and the Patient

Clincierge coordinators arrange cross-border travel in every country to take stress off the patient and the site.

Don’t worry about document translation, telephonic or in-person interpreters, medical insurance, and visa requirements. Your coordinators take care of everything in over 40 countries.

“The trip went very well. I just wanted to thank you for setting everything up. It’s been a little over 2 years now that I’ve been traveling to undergo visits and treatments etc. I must say this was the easiest trip by far. I hope you are able to assist me with future trips I might have.”

Patient in a 2020 clinical trial

Trials are Easier for You and the Patients


Meet Lauren, a Global Study Manager

Stay on Budget, No Costly Surprises

Let our global study managers help you set your travel policy. Our GCP and PMP certified teams understand the unique complexities and needs of your trial. Our implementation teams and coordinators work within your requirements to keep you on budget while minimizing unexpected costs and handling administration for you.

Save Money by Completing Your Trial On-Time and On-Budget

With recruitment, administration, and treatment, patient drop-out rates substantially increase the cost of any trial, particularly in rare and ultra rare diseases.

With an industry-leading retention rate for patients we support, companies we work with reduce these additional costs and extended timelines.

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