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With personalized patient travel management and concierge services.

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Attract More Patients with Travel Support

Strategic Patient Management Program (SPMP)™

With personalized travel arrangements, it is easier for potential patients to attend study visits.

Clincierge travel coordinators know how to make traveling with cognitive or physical disabilities easier for patients.

Enhancing your recruitment efforts with customized travel support can help you achieve your patient retention goals. Many patients are less anxious about committing to a study when they know they have travel support.

Reduce your study’s overall cost with increased patient participation, assisted by your Clincierge travel coordinators.

Improve Your Study Outcomes with a SPMP™

Reduce costs associated with drop-outs and keep your study on time and on budget. Patients stay in your study when travel and accommodations are easy and personalized.

The patient’s dedicated Clincierge coordinator is attentive and available to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Site Teams Focus on Patients and Data

Clincierge coordinators reduce the administrative burden on site staff by handling patient payments. Your site team is free to focus on the site’s productivity, the patients, and the quality of the trial data.

The Clincierge Pay Portal

Fast and Easy Patient Payments and Reimbursements

Ensure patients are paid quickly via the Clincierge Pay Portal, relieving any financial burden to joining and staying in your clinical trial.

Learn More About Improving Your Clinical Trials

Voice of the Patient Research

View the results of our recent research to explore how effective patient support strategies can reduce barriers, increase retention, and improve outcomes in rare disease clinical trials in our latest eBook.

Voice of the patient