Achieving Diversity in O&P Clinical Trials: The Role of Support Services in Recruiting and Retaining O&P Patients

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H.

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Achieving Diversity in Orthotic and Prosthetic Clinical Trials

Logistical and financial barriers have created significant barriers to clinical trial participation, resulting in historical under-representation of minority populations in clinical trials. As the industry seeks to counter past shortcomings, sponsors in the O&P space must utilize proactive strategies to recruit diverse populations to ensure appropriate diversity.

In the O&P industry, a significant challenge for achieving diversity in clinical trials is a lack of homogeneity in etiology for specific conditions. This means there are smaller pools of potential recruits available. A smaller pool of recruits requires sponsors to recruit strategically, using targeted outreach to participants, specialty care teams, and advocacy groups to achieve a representative cohort. Dedicating resources to reduce participation barriers and providing patients with education and additional support—logistical, and even emotional—can make significant strides in improving recruitment and diversity.

"Understanding the needs of the unique O&P population and offering support resources significantly reduce participation barriers. This, in turn, improves recruitment and trial diversity, the quality of the participant experience, and retention rates, resulting in a more efficient study and projectable results for the broader O&P population."

Key Topics

  • Understanding the Lack of Diversity in Clinical Trials
  • Manageable Steps for Improving O&P Patient Recruitment and Retention
  • Other Diversity-Increasing Benefits of Patient Coordinators
  • A Focus on Patient Support

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