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cross-border travel logistic challenges in global studies

Overcoming the Logistics Challenges of Global Studies

In the Fall issue of Clinical Researcher, Scott Gray, CEO discusses how cross-border travel creates significant complexity for trial sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs), who must contend with complicated travel logistics, participant and family unease, international regulatory compliance, and more. Although many of these challenges have been brought to light in recent years, COVID-19-era travel restrictions have only exacerbated these issues.

Cross-Border Patient Travel: Critical Details You Don’t Want to Miss

Recruiting and enrolling patients is often an uphill battle for sponsors of rare and ultra-rare disease trials. The unique patient populations are located across the globe, presenting significant logistical challenges to trial sponsors and sites. The logistical and financial burdens that families face are often overwhelming. Clincierge coordinates all of the complex details related to …

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