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Caring for rare: Celebrating Rare Disease Day 2023

Caring For Rare: Celebrating Rare Disease Day 2023

Rare Disease Day 2023 is celebrated on Tuesday, February 28, and raises awareness of the over 7,000 identified rare diseases. Our latest blog will help you learn more about what constitutes a “rare” disease and how patient concierge services can improve recruitment and increase retention in your clinical trials.

Drug discovery predictions: Analysis and insight

Drug Discovery Predictions: Analysis and Insight

In this Drug Discovery World article, author Megan Thomas spoke with decision makers from the clinical trial industry, including Clincierge’s CEO, Scott Gray, about their predictions on what 2022 holds for our sector, including the importance of patient-centricity and improved stakeholder engagement in clinical trials.


Amplifying the Voice of the Patient in Rare Disease Trials

Featured in SCRS InSite Journal: Scott Gray, CEO, discusses patient recruitment and retention, two of the most pressing challenges facing clinical research today. Continue reading to learn more about understanding the financial, logistical, and emotional barriers to participation, the consequences of poor retention and enrollment, actionable steps to improve trial outcomes, and other key findings …

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Voice of the Patient Research

View the results of our recent research to explore how effective patient support strategies can reduce barriers, increase retention, and improve outcomes in rare disease clinical trials in our latest eBook.

Voice of the patient