Diversity in Clinical Trials: Going Beyond Why to How

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H.

Diversity in Clinical Trials: Going Beyond Why to How

Diversity is a hot-button issue within the global medical community. The industry continues to seek effective and sustainable solutions to create more diverse clinical trials. Our CEO, Scott Gray, joined Michael Causey, Editor-in-Chief, ACRP TV, to share his insight and practical methods for improving diversity in clinical trials in the brief spotlight interview below.

Scott continues to elaborate on the ways patient logistics support can improve trial diversity and the increased responsibility we as an industry have to make diversity a priority in the April issue of Clinical Researcher.

“By providing direct support to patients from enrollment through the end of the clinical trial, these services ease the financial, logistical, and psychological barriers to participation. Where possible, increasing site locations in communities with high populations of underrepresented populations and holding recruitment events during weekend and evening hours can also make trials more accessible. Addressing these challenges may not only increase participation but also increase the participants’ satisfaction with the entire experience.”

Key Topics

  • The Benefits of Diversity in Clinical Trials
  • Practical Methods for Overcoming Barriers to Participation
  • How Dedicated Patient Coordinators Impact Trust and Retention
  • The Commercial Impact of Diversity
  • Unique Challenges in Global Studies and Studies of Rare Diseases
  • Diversity is Our Responsibility

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