Safe Patient Travel & Solutions During COVID-19

Keep your participants safe and your study timelines on schedule with Clincierge’s travel & logistics coordinators.

Navigate the Risks of Travel During COVID-19

Chartered flights, long distance drivers professionally trained to work with study patients, and more. Work with a Clincierge Coordinator who understands all of a patient’s travel options.

Enhanced Ground Transportation

Case Study

Beth needed to fly to Spain for her study visit, but air travel and public transportation were no longer viable options due to COVID-19. To ensure she made it to her visits, her Clincierge Coordinator scheduled two extended private car trips, with overnight accommodations for both Beth and her driver.

Patient Safety is Our Priority During COVID-19

Our ground transportation partners continue to provide safe and superior service for our clients and patients. In an effort to support a healthy community, our partners have implemented the additional measures during this time:

  • Remove all non-essential or communal items from the vehicle (i.e. magazines, water)
  • Disinfect all commonly touched interior and exterior surfaces before and after each ride
  • Chauffeurs are wearing masks and frequently washing their hands
  • Hand sanitizer, wipes, and masks available to all occupants

Charter Flight

Case Study

Meredith is immuno-suppressed and had only two visits left to complete her study visits. Potential exposure to COVID-19 made airports and commercial flights too risky for her. Her Clincierge Coordinator chartered private flights to safely transport Meredith to her visits.

Clincierge Coordinators Provide One-On-One Support

Clincierge Coordinators provide continuous support, are based in the same country as the patient, and stay with the patient for the lifetime of the study. Patients feel supported and secure with a contact they know and trust.

Clincierge travel coordinator patient support logistics

Maru, Clincierge Coordinator

Relocation for Life Saving Treatment

Everything goes smoothly with a coordinator who understands all the details needed to move a patient and caretaker closer to a site. Accessible housing, access to food for restricted diets, and translation services are just some of the details your coordinator will manage.

Relocated patients are more comfortable when they have a single, dedicator coordinator they can reach out to. They’ll get to know and trust the coordinator who is always there for them.

Relocating the Whole Family

Case Study

Aiden was born in Israel with a rare genetic disorder. Participation in a trial was the only treatment option for him. His Clincierge Coordinator relocated Aiden and his family close to the study site in Russia as the COVID-19 outbreak began, to ensure that he continued to receive potentially life-saving therapy.

Ship Supplies and Samples to Keep Your Study On Schedule

Coordinate international shipments to facilities near your patients so your study can run remotely. Your Global Study Manager and Clincierge Coordinator team navigate the complex and shifting regulations specific to COVID-19.

Support More Patients with Enhanced Concierge Services

With Clincierge Coordinators in over 40 countries, patients and caregivers receive support from an expert who speaks their language and is familiar with local obstacles and requirements.

From coordinating customized patient transportation to streamlining patient reimbursements, local support catches details someone else might miss.

Air travel
Car service
Rail service
Hotel accommodations
Patient reimbursement
Stipend processing
Air and road ambulance
Relocation support
Long-term housing

COVID-19 Services

Transfer site personnel to patient
Convert flights to ground transportation
Rental car reimbursement
Relocate patient close to site
Chartered flights
IP/Specimen/Sample shipments

A single point of contact
Always on call
In-country, native speakers
Supports both patient and caregivers
Cognitive disability support
Mobility disorder support
Translation & interpreter services
Passport application and renewal
Visa application assistance

Keep Your Patients Safe and Your Study Timeline on Schedule During COVID-19

Voice of the Patient Research

View the results of our recent research to explore how effective patient support strategies can reduce barriers, increase retention, and improve outcomes in rare disease clinical trials in our latest eBook.

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