COVID-19 Solutions: Prioritizing Safety, Recruitment, and Retention

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Prioritizing Patient Safety, Recruitment, and Retention

Almost two years after its initial outbreak, COVID-19 continues to cause numerous problems for sites, sponsors, and patients enrolled in clinical trials. New disease variants are creating an increase in cases, resulting in additional barriers to clinical trial participation. For patients in the rare disease space, these issues further increase the emotional, financial, and logistical challenges they face. The good news is you and your participants do not have to face these challenges alone.

Overcome COVID-19 hurdles with an experienced partner you can trust

Finding the right patient support provider who works diligently with sites and sponsors to ensure participants can remain in their trial is critical to study success. A strong provider partnership will help you develop a flexible strategy that meets your goals while maintaining your study timelines. To support you during times of uncertainty and beyond, we offer the enhanced solutions and strategies below:

Alleviating patient recruitment challenges during COVID-19:

As sites and sponsors shift their current resources, we offer personalized and innovative support solutions to reduce site burden and strategies to retain and engage your patients.

  1. Support recruitment efforts with customized patient travel and logistics management services
  2. Leverage payment portals to ensure patient reimbursements are compliant and quick
  3. Improve communication with site and study-specific engagement plans and strategies

"With a newly activated, very complex, and demanding study, Stephan S. communicated effectively through all of the patients' needs, questions, concerns, and frustrations. It can be complicated to process complex support with cross-border travel. Pediatric studies and the current pandemic cause additional stressors on families, and Stephan was able to ease their concerns and finalize all support needed."

Ensuring patient retention and engagement throughout COVID-19:

Support services enable patients to remain enrolled for the duration of your clinical trial while reducing costs, maintaining accurate data, and meeting trial timelines.

  1. Cultivate trusted relationships with all trial stakeholders
  2. Customize one-on-one local patient support throughout the study
  3. Close and continuous direct patient communication and guidance through multiple channels
  4. Utilize reminders and travel/duty of care alerts to ensure patients arrive safely at their appointments

Improving patient experiences while navigating obstacles:

As local and federal travel restrictions and regulations change, our team quickly adapts to mitigate challenges during uncertainty.

  1. In-country travel coordinators navigate fluctuating restrictions and provide customized patient itineraries
  2. Alternative travel methods are sourced, including ground transportation and chartered flights
  3. Create partnerships between sponsors and sites to develop solutions in response to travel limitations
  4. Prioritize individual patient and caregiver needs to improve safety and reduce stress

"I want to share feedback about coordinator - Arek G., who I've been working with for almost 2 years. In my opinion, Arek treats his work seriously and responsibly. Each time that I request any assistance from him, he provides the best possible service. Very often, we have urgent bookings, and he provides a solution within one or two hours. I know that I can count on him with every single detail of his scope of service. I do recommend him as a coordinator, and I look forward to working with him in the future."

From the point of enrollment through trial completion, patients are paired with a Clincierge Coordinator local to them who is in their time zone, speaks their language, familiar with local restrictions, understands the nuances of their culture, and most importantly, provides a human touch.

Contact us today to discuss how our patient support services can support your recruitment and retention goals while ensuring trial continuity during COVID-19.

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