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Practical Tips to Boost Clinical Trial Participation and Retention

Practical Tips to Boost Clinical Trial Participation and Retention

Featured on Looking for ways to increase participation in your clinical trials? First, stop calling participants “subjects,” says Scott Gray, CEO of Clincierge, whose organization just released a research report, “Voice of the Patient,” examining the patient experience in clinical trials of rare diseases. “They are volunteers, they are human beings,” Gray says.

BIO panel takes on patient recruitment, retention challenges

BIO Panel Takes on Patient Recruitment, Retention Challenges

During BIO International, a group of industry experts discussed patient recruitment and retention challenges in the panel discussion Participant Sensitivity: Amplifying the Voice of the Patient in Clinical Trials on Monday, June 13. Outsourcing-Pharma spoke with Clincierge CEO Scott Gray, the moderator of the talk, to get a sneak peek at the session.

The ‘voice of the patient’ needs to be heard in clinical trials: study

The ‘Voice of the Patient’ Needs to be Heard in Clinical Trials: Study

Featured in The Science Advisory Board: Patient recruitment and retention are among the biggest challenges facing clinical research, particularly in studies targeting rare diseases that have a limited pool of patients, contends Clincierge CEO Scott Gray. At the 2022 Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention, Clincierge will release the results of an independent, institutional review …

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Technologys Role in the Patient Experience

Technology’s Role in the Patient Experience

Healthcare and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. In fact, some of medicine’s earliest innovations are the most enduring. For clinical trials, the convergence of healthcare and technology creates a constant stream of innovation in the pursuit of novel treatments and therapies. Likewise, the pandemic and subsequent growth of decentralized trials demonstrate how technology can play an essential role in the patient experience.

Voice of the Patient Research

View the results of our recent research to explore how effective patient support strategies can reduce barriers, increase retention, and improve outcomes in rare disease clinical trials in our latest eBook.

Voice of the patient